David Endersby MSc BSc(Hons)

Hello, I am a Web Developer based in Amsterdam with a background in geography and geological hazards. I currently coding for Your Majesty¬†and the rest of my time doing personal projects based around my web dev skill set. I’m actively pursuing a MEAN¬†javascript stack and looking to learn Node and Angular to be able to build web applications.


My blog is a space for me to talk about interesting things that are going on in my life and things that I'm interested in around the world - like news and events. It contains some of my experiences and what I have been up to, for example: Web conferences, and what I've learnt from them. Its alto a place where I post release notes for projects that I've worked on, showing new features and fixed bugs. Its all there.

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About Me

The about page shows some of my achievements using data gathered from the furthest corners of the internet. It shows my Treehouse score and what I'm currently learning as well as how much time I've spent (or wasted) on Battlefield. Top 5% worldwide though, Just saying.

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