24th October 2013

Canvas Conference 2013

Right, Today I want to talk about conferences. I’ve been to a few recently and I think they are a fantastic way to meet people within the web design/dev community. You get to chat about what your doing and find out what others are working on. Not only that but you get a set of (normally – from my experience) great speakers. Sometimes Breakfast and lunch is thrown in. And if your really lucky theres a free bar afterwards.


So if I start with Canvas conference which was on the 10th in Birmingham.
The Conference was really good. Worth the £140. I turned up and registered, got some Github and canvas stickers(yay) and a free sausage butty. Then got chatting to some others who had turned up on their own.

The speakers were really good with a great mix of topics. My highlights were:

So throughout the day there were coffee breaks with biscuits and a chance to talk to people. Lunch was either beef and gravy on pasta but I had bangers on mash (yum yum) with rhubarb crumble which was also nice. Then afterwards we went to a bar where there were Free Drinks (hooray). I sadly was driving so had to stick to coke and red bull. Got chatting to some really interesting people. Its amazing how friendly everyone is – you can literally chat about anything (within limits) to anyone

Heart Internet(my hosting providers) were there, so got chatting to them. They really liked my business card which was nice. Said how I liked their new website and got a goodie bag with more stickers, random sweets and posters in it.

So it was a good day. Worth the horrible 5:45am start.


Phew. That was abit of a mammoth post with all the links to plugin. If you’ve read all of it then heres your reward. Its a sneak peak at what I’ve been up to today on davidendersby.me
Enjoy 🙂

A screenshot of the new davidendersby.me