17th October 2013

Personal Branding

So over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out what my personal branding for this site is. My initial ideas were to have some kind of brain, as if the primary purpose of this site was to get into my head. So I have developed a few idea’s along this theme, which will follow, but then yesterday it struck me. At work, the non web kind (details of that will come later too), there was a new guy starting. And I found myself telling him about how I have a masters in Geological and Environmental Hazards and a Bachelors of Science in Geography, all within minutes of meeting this guy. So it got me thinking. Is my education, and presumed knowledge, something that is integral to my personal branding? And what if I hadn’t done it? What would I tell people then?

I think that when I talk to people, whether it be face to face or via social media, I try to entertain them, give them something that is interesting or funny. Maybe I’m trying to impress them. But their reaction to the story is as important as the story itself.
For example:
I was telling another person at work about my aspirations to eventually work at a large company like Google or Facebook. Her reaction was one of amazement/ore (or at least that what it looked like). Another give away was her “wow!” reaction. So my story had basically achieved what it set out to: To establish a conversation, hence avoiding that awkward silence you get when eating but you actually have nothing to talk about. But also to entertain her and, in some respects, reassure me that this is the right thing to be doing.

So back to the main topic of personal branding. I’m thinking of using some kind of brain for this site. Not in an arrogant way – like ‘look at my brain. I know everything way’. More of a ‘This is how I think. If your interested then keep exploring, Otherwise leave’.

So I came up with this(see below). I can’t and will not take any credit for the actual artwork – I’m not an artist, but I will take credit for the colouring in (afterall I do have a geography degree) and the restyling. Overall I’m quite chuffed with the final product.
A pink brain with a 'David Endersby' banner covering it A pink brain with an orange illuminated light bulb in the top of it

By now you may have realised that written English isn’t one of my strong points(by the shear amount of commas and appostraphies all over the place). Yeah I got BB at GCSE but writing blogs is something new. If you can put up with that then come back soon 🙂