15th October 2013

Hello, world! Welcome to DavidEndersby.me

So I’ve decided to start up my own personal site to run alongside Nothing-Nowhere.co.uk. This gives me the opportunity to play with web tech without harming my brand image. It also allows me to develop a personal portfolio for ‘stuff’ without the need of a parent project.
I’ve also decided that instead of building the whole site, like I normally would, I’m gonna release it in bits, this blog being the first. It kinda follows the Progressive Enhancement Paradigm – whereby you publish a website and then continually update and develop it. Or at least thats my understanding of it.
Anyways, This is the first page that I’m gonna release and I plan on releasing loads more including:

  • About me pages – One will be Nicknamed ‘Who is that David Endersby?’ for reasons that will be explained later. The aim of these pages is to take Non-personal information and present it differently. Thinking about using infographics to achieve this.
    I’m hoping to complete an online cv so you can see what I can do. You can find most of it on Facebook or LinkedIn.
    And it will be strictly non personal – if your looking for my Bank PIN, my Mothers Maiden name or DOB then your gonna have to keep looking.
  • A Music page – Gonna try to share my music tastes in a way that others can appreciate it, with links to Youtube, Beatport, iTunes etc. It also gives me the chance to develop an understanding of the Youtube api’s.
  • Hobby pages – So I quite like Gardening(horticulture) and thought that maybe I could share what I’m doing with others. I don’t profess to be god’s gift to gardening but maybe there is something I know that someone else does not. Again this gives me the chance to play with html5 video elements and images.
  • And other pages that I’m yet to think of. Really fancy trying out many of the Google and Facebook api’s so will think of somethings I can do to incorporate these.

So yeah, got alot of stuff in the pipeline. Come back for updates 🙂