13th November 2013

Born to Code

So I was reading my net(formerly .net) magazine on the bus home, about the stereotypes that surround programmers (page 29) and I found myself actually aligning myself to these stereotypes.

A great programmer likes alot of time alone and freedom from distractions, so they prefer to work at night. They are extremely rational and brilliant ….. but they are poor at basic personal care such as getting enough exercise, nutrition, or sleep. Programming is their only true interest, but they enjoy related hobbies like science fiction, video games and internet memes. – Net Mag Issue 248

I think I do have some of these qualities: I like to be free from distraction (brought the best Bose noise cancelling headphones to achieve this) and have become quite independent since the end of my undergraduate degree. I’ve managed to reprogram myself to be able to work better in the daytime(I used to work heavily at night, especially in uni) and I’d like to think it am rational. Brilliant is debatable. I am rubbish at exercise. I’d like to think I have a vaguely active lifestyle at the moment, with all the gardening, but I haven’t joined or been to the gym in months. My normal bed time these days is around midnight but can be as late as 1am and nutrition…..Well its terrible. I eat what I like and my diet consists mainly of sugar. I love pizza too. I try to keep it varied, eating the odd bit of fruit every so often and try not to just sit infront of the tv or my computer all day. Programming isn’t my only interest. Although currently I cant think of anything else. Archery maybe. And yes, I do love playing on my Xbox – shouting and screaming while killing zombies with friends. I have an absolute loving for Family guy. Literally can’t get enough – although its more of an animated comedy than sci-fi. Big bang is also something I’m keen on, mostly due to its academic humour.

So maybe I have been a programmer all along. Ever since I saw my dads computer for the first time, it must have been Windows 95 but could have been DOS based, I have been captivated. And I’ve been and done degrees in geography and a masters in geological and environmental hazards. And yet I’m back on my computer doing something I love more than any of that. Coding. Which leads me to think that maybe I have always been a programmer and just not realised it.