9th November 2013

Pennies for peanuts

Well its been a while since I last wrote a blog post, not that I haven’t been meaning to, I’ve just been a bit busy. So I’ve been editing the site backstage – doing abit of refactoring, which makes the site use more php to make it easer to expand. You won’t notice any changes just yet but it will make future rollouts much easier and faster.


October was quite an expensive month, with going out for Halloween (twice) and buying the costume etc. You’ll be glad to know that the second night I went out as a zombie was alot more successful – got back at 4:30am so you know it was a good night. Another thing that has made October expensive was my subscription to Shutterstock. Its a really fantastic image library but it don’t come cheap. One months membership sets you back £150! And then you’ve go to remember to find and download your 25 images on a daily basis. At times it feels like your shackled to your computer trying to find imagery that you want to download. This gets worse towards the end of the month when you’ve downloaded all the stuff you want and you still have to find another 150 images. But whats more annoying is when you forget to download your 25 – grinds my gears.

So October was expensive and sadly may pay packet didn’t cover it. Didn’t even get me out of my overdraft for that matter. It just goes to prove, When you don’t like doing something(in this case its working in an organisation that doesn’t nurture, or even recognise, my talent or qualifications) its fundamentally pointless. Little money and no career potential. And thats retail for you. Pennies for peanuts.

In other news, I’ve actually got my first paying client! Its very exciting. I’m working with Cairbairs Limited to create them a great website. It might be a little while before you see the end product but its a great start.

Until next time.. 🙂