1st November 2013

The day after the night before – Halloween

Well its the morning after Halloween and I feel like the character I was dressing up as – a Zombie. I don’t think its a hangover, probably more likely to be due to a lack of sleep.

It was however, a disappointing night. Despite putting up posters around work(the non web kind) the turnout was extremely poor. Many people had, for a multitude of reasons, not turned up. That said, I was so glad that some people did turn up. These people are my true friends and I did return the favour in the form of alcohol (a sentiment I do very rarely).

And then Revolutions(Revs) didn’t deliver. I have a longish history with the brand which started back in university. They are a fantastic brand to do business with(Party!) and I have had many fantastic nights out with them. It works well for everyone and its a really simple formula.
I organise a Party with revs and gather a group of people together (typically between 10 and 30 people) and liaise with Revs to get freebies and a table. We turn up, Party hard, spend lots of money and have a good time(and don’t cause any trouble). I then give Revs feedback on the night out. Then I repeat the process. We started off by getting a free shot on entry but as we kept returning the freebies got better – from shots to pitchers, balloons, champagne reception and even food once. I have so many fantastic memories on nights out organised in revs. I have built good relationships with Revolutions Plymouth and was building one with the Bournemouth Bar too.

But last night they didn’t deliver. We got a table but No freebies, nout. I think it can be attributed to the party planner leaving – something discovered only a few days before halloween.

So this Halloween was abit of a disappointment.

I’ve come to the conclusion(based on experience) that for me halloween can go one of two ways. Either be totally amazing, an example of this was my 3rd year of university. I organised a Social (ironically at Revs) and it was just brilliant. It had great people, Great venue, Freebies and I ‘got the girl'(something that happens even more rarely than me buying a round of drinks). Had a similar experience in my Masters year too, with fewer people and without revs.
Or it can be abit of a let down, like last night.

I did enjoy dressing up. Brought a cheap pair of jeans and t-shirt which I destroyed and applied thick layers of liquid latex to my face, combined with a few prosthetics, face paint and loads of fake blood and you get a rather creepy zombie.

Below you’ll find a photo my Zombie Dave and its just struck me, This is (potentially) the first time you have seen me and definitely the first photo of me on this blog. So for the record, I normally clean my mouth after eating. 🙂

A selfie of me dressed as a zombie for halloween