22nd November 2013

The Next Generation

The Xbox One was released at midnight. I can finally throw away my Xbox 360 which is on the verge of death. I brought my 360 6 years ago and it’s one of the first generations (with no HDMI support). Since then its been well used – seen 3 Call of Duty’s (I didn’t buy Modern Warfare 2) and been sent across the world twice(cos its died). Recently its really been showing its age, continuously crashing, being unable to load games etc – all signs of its impending doom – the 4 rings of Death!
So, as you might understand, its time to get a new console. When it was announced in the summer, I wasn’t impressed with the Xbox one. Its ugly, had a mass of restrictions on it, And I’d had enough of Microsoft. So I was thinking of going for a PS4. Have a fresh start and hopefully a better experience with Sony. But since then lots of things have changed.
The big things are that Microsoft have gone back on their restrictions after a public outcry – its not something that makes them have a better console, more over bowing to consumer pressure. There have also been a mass of reviews for both consoles, each saying you could buy either, with non really opting for one or another.

So in the end it comes down to whats best for the end user, me. The biggest factor for me was the fact that my friends confirmed that they were continuing the Xbox legacy and would not jump ship to PS4. They are the primary reason I play on my Xbox so it would be pointless buying a PS4 if I’m not going to use it. Secondly, I accidentally auto-renewed my Xbox gold subscription (I was annoyed the the time). And thirdly, I’m really comfortable with the Xbox control structure (A, X, Y, B) – triangles and circles would be very confusing initially.

So in the end I have opted for the Xbox, but its not all smiles. It has been confirmed that Call Of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will be in a lower resolution (720p) on the Xbox but completely fine(native 1080p) on PS4. This is disappointing. And then its lacking UK TV guide support. Then you’ve got a massive power brick – don’t need to say any more…

Thats not to say there haven’t been problems with the US rollout of the PS4. There are hardware faults affecting less than 0.4% of consoles, which apparently is expected(although I’d not be impressed if I was in that 0.4%). The first being with faulty HDMI ports which means the HDMI doesn’t export video content. Some consoles are overheating and others dead on arrival. There are also firmware problems relating to day one updates making the console unstable and unresponsive.
The Xbox one is a media console, allowing the user to move between TV and gaming and videos etc. PS4 does not do local play back. You can’t connect it to your computer. Nor can you access external media like photos or video on a camera. This lack of functionality hasn’t gone down very well with many PS3 gamers I have spoken too. Also, the launch game lineup for the PS4 is ultimately not as good as Xbox after Watchdogs was postponed to next spring.

In the end both consoles are very similar and each with their pros n cons. I’m siding with Xbox – billed as having alot of potential. It turns up Tomorrow (Day 2) and I’ll let you know how it goes.