25th December 2013

Christmas done for another year

So Christmas has come and gone for another year(ok not quite gone yet) and I’ve come to the striking revelation – that I’m well on my way towards getting one present for christmas (and thats socks). Yup the presents are getting smaller and fewer of them. Gone are the days where you could barely see the tree under a mountain of big boxes, wrapped bikes and fun toys. Whether thats a sign of austerity or my age I don’t know. These days I buy my own presents and wrap them up and act all surprised. My mum does the same, although with age she is actually forgetting who they are for and what is inside so her surprise is more genuine.
So has it been a good christmas? Well yeah I spose it has. It hasn’t been particularly festive though. The weather has been awful, with another storm passing through leaving many flooded and/or without power and causing transport chaos. Thankfully I haven’t been massively affected by it but my heart goes out to the people who have. The TV has actually been quite poor this year. Theres a definite lack of christmasy films – I do love Finding Nemo but its not exactly wintery.
On a good note, I have had most of christmas away from retail thus avoiding the pre christmas chaos. Thats been nice. But I haven’t gotten much coding or learning done.

I have embarked on a small Facebook marketing exercise. Started off by creating a christmas graphic and tried ‘promoting my post’ but apparently it broke Facebook’s marketing guidelines (something about only being allowed 20% text in adverts). So instead I changed the page photo and promoted the page. So far its done quite well. Got another 14 likes, pushing the total audience up to 37 and unlocked Facebook insight’s. This spreads to word of NothingNowhere to new circles. So its all good. A fun experiment.

So thats it. All I have left to say is Merry Christmas. Have a good one.