19th December 2013

Christmas is coming!

Well its only 5 days till christmas (eve) and the shops are busy as usual. The weather is miserable and wet – No ‘worst winter for decades!!’ like the media suggested. I’m in the south of Britain and we haven’t seen a single flake, although we have seen a fair amount of rain as the result of Storm Emily. Yes there is still time – the UK seems to get the worst of the winter weather in February/March so we will see. I would probably advise against betting on awhite christmas for Bournemouth.

So yes, Christmas. Brought a few prezzies today. Most of them are for me – sadly I have to wrap them up and wait until wednesday before I can play them 🙁   My brother is being very difficult this year. Apparently there nothing he needs of wants. So that makes it really easy in that I don’t need to buy him anything but really tricky cos I can’t buy him anything.

In other news, my Music page is live!! Its very exciting. This is the first version of this page. I am already working on little revisions to make it better so they will come out in due course.
Speaking of music, Arcade Fire have been announced as the first headliner for Glastonbury 2014, playing on the Friday night. If you’ve checked out myMusic page you may be able to predict my reaction to this. If you haven’t seen it then 1. Go check it out now!! and 2. I literally have no Arcade Fire in my iTunes library, so hoping the other headliners will be more my style. Again, I will wait with intense trepidation. Worst comes to worse, I will give up my ticket. Will keep you posted!