14th December 2013

Gossip travels quickly

On wednesday I went out to one the clubs in Bournemouth, it was one of the girls I work with birthday. We had a massive group going (15 to 20 people) and it was a good night. As part of my Dave the Rave alter ego which comes out when I go out on the rave are my glowsticks. These are an essential for a night out. I always find it entertaining when out with people who I haven’t been out before. I snap my glowsticks and theirs usually a reaction of shock – ‘where did those come from’, followed by amazement which is soon followed by ‘Can I have one’. I do love watching peoples faces when during this process.
Very few people actually get my glowsticks. To date the only people I have given glowsticks to are: girls I’m flirting with, girls I’m dating, My best friends and the occasional randomer on the otherside of the room who has been hit my a flying glowstick thats slipped out of my hand.
Whats entertaining occurred a few days later when I went into work. Even the people who hadn’t gone out on the night out had heard about Dave the Rave, about his flailing arms and his passion for dance music.