10th December 2013

Its been a little while

So its been a little while since my last blog post. I’ve been really busy setting up new projects working with new clients on two different websites (details to follow shortly). These are fantastic opportunities to use what I have learned to benefit other people and their business’. So thats really cool.
Not only that, but I’ve got a first draft for the music page for davidendersby.me which you can see on my Facebook wall. Its still in early stages but it looks really good. Even after it is released, I will continue to work on adding new features to it.

So as you can see, I’m actually quite busy at the moment. I still have time for my Xbox one. I have now completed Dead Rising 3 twice! Completed the story mode with the ‘s’ ending and the nightmare mode to get the ‘c’ ending. So now I’m really just exploring the map and doing the sub-stories. Its a fantastic game. Very entertaining. Its quite cool to have someone else playing too. Not yet figured out how to play with friends.