30th January 2014

FreshBooks, A new way of doing things

As part of a reshuffle backstage at NothingNowhere, I’ve signed up for Freshbooks. It was recommended by Treehouse so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see of it makes keeping track of my finances (and my time) easier.
It will be rolled out across NothingNowhere for existing and new clients, making invoicing and payment a lot easier using the integrated Paypal. The aim of it all is to keep things simple and reduced the amount of faffing both now when creating invoices, getting payments, and later when I come to accounting. Its also more professional than sending out PDF’s.
It also allows me to track my time. This in turn, will allow me to better analyse how I use my time on web projects. This will allow me to better estimate time required at the beginning of projects and also track how I’m progressing with in my existing projects.