2nd January 2014

Happy New Year

Well its been over a week since christmas and as always I’ve been busy doing loads of things. I’ve taken a little break from the web design over christmas and Battlefield 4 has commanded most of my attention for the festive period.
I somehow managed to remain healthy enough celebrate new years with friends, despite my mum trying to thwart my plans with her cold. Yeah it wasn’t on purpose but I wish she would just stay in bed.
Anyways, this was my first new years without my family. Usually it consists of sitting in front of the TV and going to bed at 12:05am. This year was different.
A friend organised a house party and was nice enough to invite me along. It was a good night with a real collection of characters which made it really interesting. From c# programmers to social workers, people in administration to PHD chemists, they were all there. I found a few people who were interested in computing and this allowed me to talk at length about web design, how I got into it and their opinions on it. It wasn’t how I imagined my new years eve to pan out like but it was really interesting. It was a good night and I eventually crawled into my sleeping bag at 3:30am.
We spent the next day recovering, playing on Gears of War 3 and listening to music. Just chilling really. The weather was awful so there was no other option really. I managed to capture a brief window with the weather and ‘ran’ to the station without getting too wet.
So that brings me onto new years resolutions:

  1. To make some serious money – I’ve spent 2013 learning my trade so its time to start applying what I know to actual work.
  2. To conquer the world – This was a 2013 resolution that I didn’t manage to do in 2013 so I’m going to carry it over to 2014.
  3. To leave the Retail sector – I’ve been there far to long and its not doing me any favours. 2014 is the year to leave.
  4. Move out – Another thing thats maybe a little dependant on financial success but its something I’m aiming to do this year

And thats it. All thats left to say is Happy New Years!

Happy New year. 2014 The year of horsin' around