20th February 2014

Behance – A double edged sword

So as a designer I often search the web for inspiration for new projects. One of my favourite places is Behance, just cos it shows off some fantastic work, in multiple disciplines, created by a multitude of designers all over the world. Some of the stuff on there is just amazing and can be very inspiring.

But on the other hand, you can look at the work on there and start measuring yourself up to it. This is a potentially dangerous move, cos as soon as you start doing it your gonna start devaluing your own work and creative ability. This is something I experience from time to time, probably as a result of being new to the whole creative industry, still learning new things both creatively and also technologically(like javascript) and it can be abit demoralising.

My methodology for getting over it is to continue learning and to realise that the work on Behance is fantastic because:

  1. The creatives behind it probably have years of experience
  2. Theres probably more than one person in the team
  3. And Behance showcases ‘most appreciated’/’featured’ work by default which is naturally gonna be awesome

Not only this but realise that clients have employed me because they like my style as it is now. They are prepared to invest in my talent as is rather than what I’m lacking in. I will continue to better my skills and recognise that stuff that I learn today makes me a better designer/developer than I was yesterday.