9th February 2014

Sochi 2014 – The Winter Olympics

I think the olympics is an amazing thing. I find it massively inspirational, not to mention distracting, and makes me want to take up an olympic winter sport. Yes theres been controversy but now the sport has began thats been forgotten.

Living in the UK, I am slightly limited to the number of sports that are actually financially feasible. Yes if I had sack loads of money I could travel  around the world in search of snow or ice, but I don’t. I would love to try Skeleton Bobsleigh or speed skating but theres neither a permanent Ice rink nearby and learning to Skeleton bob would mean I’d have to move to Bath. This shouldn’t stop me though.

Regardless, I still finding watching the olympics, the pinnacle of sporting achievement, fascinating. I’m so glad the BBC got the rights – I couldn’t watch it if it were on channel 4 with their rubbish commentary and full of adverts. It brings back memories of London 2012 where I was a GamesMaker, in the middle of the excitement at Heathrow. It is the best thing I have been part of. I did try to volunteer for the Sochi games but I think a terrible interview(both technically and fraught with language issues) via Skype scuppered my chances and I didn’t hear anything since then. That said, I’ve read a few stories from the Accidental Volunteer and they said the communication wasn’t great and nor was the support – A far cry from the London games.

As much as I’d love to be there, I have to settle for sitting and watching on tv. It is fantastic tv. Today we got our First medal Ever on snow courtesy of Jenny Jones on the Women’s Slopestyle. Well done.

And theres still more to come. Its very exciting