10th March 2014

The start of Big things – Cairbairz Limited

So this morning I uploaded the brand new CairBairz website (Version 1.0). It is the culmination of 5/6 weeks work and I’m really proud of it.

The client brief was to create a website that was more modern than Cairbairz’ competitors and they wanted a solution that didn’t require stock imagery of old people sitting in chairs.

The final website instead focuses on iconography and typography, combined with a limited pallet that reflected that company colours, to create a website that was clean, modern and professional. The whole site is super simple to navigate and use, providing easily readable information where the end user expects to find it.

Release notes:

Version 1.0 10/3/14 ~11am


Version 1.0.1  10/3/14 ~3pm

Version 1.0.2 10/3/14 ~6pm

Version 1.0.3 11/3/14 10am

Version 1.1.0 11/3/14 8:30pm

These changes decreased the page load times from 3.96s to 2.24s and reduced the page size from 1.2mb to 1mb

Version 1.1.1 14/3/14 4pm

Version 1.1.2 2/4/14 9pm

Version 1.1.3 14/9/14 6pm