5th March 2014

Taking the plunge

So today is Day 3 of full time self employment and I’m already noticing the difference in productivity. No Longer do I have to sacrifice my day to do other low paid work. I can put all of my productivity into working on websites which is great.

My first launch, all going well, is due sometime this weekend (maybe next week – depending on how the review process goes) but yeah this is exciting. Its the first site I’ve done thats not for me. Its got a range of features that I’ve worked really hard on to make work so I’m hoping they will be impressed by it.

In other news, I’ve got a growing list of to-do’s including learning 3 new programming languages (Javascript, Saas, and Ruby), redesigning NothingNowhere and learning Git. To fit it all in I’m trying to track my time, allowing me to see how long its taking me to do stuff and also allowing me to plan my week abit better. Ideally I’m working towards doing client work Monday to Thursday, learning stuff on Friday(and maybe charge extra for client work that impedes on this) and having the weekend off.
I’ve still got to work on my productivity and trying not to get distracted, but that will come in time.

It’s all very exciting. We shall see how it goes