11th September 2017

Theres nothing Junior about that developer

Its been a really long time since i wrote my last post and if you look back through some of my other posts (which apparently some of you do) you’ll see a trend whereby posts begin by apologising for the amount of time between posts. The truth is that I suck at making time to […]

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8th January 2017

2016 – A year in Amsterdam (..Well almost)

2016 is over so its about time for one of those reflection type posts where I go over some of the things I did in 2016 and have a little look forward to the things I am excited about in 2017. New Job, New Country, New Flat 2016 started off in London (not Amsterdam – yes the […]

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21st March 2016

Hello Amsterdam

So I have left London and moved to Amsterdam. I quit my job at the biggest music label in the world, cancelled my hotdesk membership and said goodbye to all of my friends then moved to foreign climes. This didn’t happen overnight. It involved countless emails, a few Skype chats, 1 weekend away, and a […]

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17th March 2016

OCSP Stapling on Apache 14.04 using Lets Encrypt

So I recently moved this website from managed shared hosting with Heart Internet to Digital Ocean. The primary reason for me to do this because I wanted to implement https on my website. This means I can offer secure browsing, allows me to experiment with http2 and service worker (both require https). Thankfully Digital Ocean has […]

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31st December 2015

2015: The Year of Music

So its reached the end of the year so this is a good time to reflect on some of the things I’ve done this year and to look ahead to what I’ve got planned for 2016 (Spoiler: Big things are afoot).   The Year of Music For me 2015 was the year of music. Over the […]

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9th November 2015

Amsterdam Dance Event 2015

As anyone who has gone ‘out out’ with me or has a quickly flicked through this website, will know that I quite enjoy dance music. More specifically progressive house, deep house and I’m slowly moving towards ‘house house’ (the kind that sounds like the repetitive beat similar to when you’ve put a pair or shoes […]

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25th May 2015

Two steps forward, Three steps back

Shortly before christmas I made the decision to get all of my code onto github (initially privately before moving to open). It would push me to commit more often throughout projects and push all files to a remote server, where they were at lower risk of getting lost or accidentally deleted. Git also allows my to […]

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12th January 2015

2014: A Year in Review

2014 has been a bit of a crazy year. I got myself a proper job, moved to London, jetted to Barcelona for a few days and learning plenty of things along the way. Here is a little review of my 2014. Enjoy. Rewind to the start of 2014, I was still working part time at Marks […]

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25th October 2014

A small update

So its been a colossal 8 weeks since my last blog post. That means that any of my SEO efforts have gone down the drain, with Google thinking that I have no interest in updating the site further (and thats just not true). So whats been going on? Why has it taken me so long to […]

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16th August 2014

Version 2.1 Release notes

So I started writing this blog post on February 11th 2014. Its now August and I’ve been refactoring the site to make the code cleaner and more readable, as well as implementing performance boosts that I have picked up since releasing 2.0. Heres whats changed: Refined navigation for a friendly mobile experience – Recoloured the […]

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5th July 2014

The New NothingNowhere

On wednesday I launched the new NothingNowhere website (fresh out of beta). This new site reflects much more of my clean and simple design style that I’ve been fine tuning, making more use of whitespace for effect. It also encompasses more of my technical knowledge to create a website that is fully responsive being built […]

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11th June 2014

Watchdogs: The future of cities

Warning: This article may contain Watchdogs storyline spoilers There are many contentious debates at the moment regarding the amount of personal data that companies collect, who owns the data and who is in charge of keeping it secure. In this blog post I want to highlight how some of the big companies are (or potentially […]

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29th April 2014

Pushing my boundaries with AndreaToddDesign

Yesterday I launched my most recent project, A brand new website for one of my good friends, mentor and graphic designer, Andrea Todd. I met Andrea in the early part of last year on an ‘Introduction to Web design’ night course at AUB. Since then she has kept in touch and we are currently collaborating […]

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10th March 2014

The start of Big things – Cairbairz Limited

So this morning I uploaded the brand new CairBairz website (Version 1.0). It is the culmination of 5/6 weeks work and I’m really proud of it. The client brief was to create a website that was more modern than Cairbairz’ competitors and they wanted a solution that didn’t require stock imagery of old people sitting […]

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5th March 2014

Taking the plunge

So today is Day 3 of full time self employment and I’m already noticing the difference in productivity. No Longer do I have to sacrifice my day to do other low paid work. I can put all of my productivity into working on websites which is great. My first launch, all going well, is due […]

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20th February 2014

Behance – A double edged sword

So as a designer I often search the web for inspiration for new projects. One of my favourite places is Behance, just cos it shows off some fantastic work, in multiple disciplines, created by a multitude of designers all over the world. Some of the stuff on there is just amazing and can be very […]

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16th February 2014

Titanfall Beta on Xbox One

I have been lucky enough to get a first access code for the brand new Titanfall beta from the Titanfall website.  The beta is only online till 6pm on February 18th and although there were problems initially was the servers crashing it seems like they’ve got it sorted now(although they are apparently having problems allocating […]

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9th February 2014

Sochi 2014 – The Winter Olympics

I think the olympics is an amazing thing. I find it massively inspirational, not to mention distracting, and makes me want to take up an olympic winter sport. Yes theres been controversy but now the sport has began thats been forgotten. Living in the UK, I am slightly limited to the number of sports that are actually […]

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30th January 2014

FreshBooks, A new way of doing things

As part of a reshuffle backstage at NothingNowhere, I’ve signed up for Freshbooks. It was recommended by Treehouse so I thought I’d give it a whirl and see of it makes keeping track of my finances (and my time) easier. It will be rolled out across NothingNowhere for existing and new clients, making invoicing and […]

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26th January 2014

Going freelance is tough

So trying to sell my skills off my own back hasn’t been easy. I spent all of 2013 ‘learning my trade’, going to night classes and spending long periods of time  doing online learning on Treehouse. So I now feel I have enough skills that I can sell myself and my ability to make websites […]

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24th January 2014

Version 2.0 is here

So I’ve finally finished converting this site onto the wordpress platform.  This brings a whole host of upgrades, the first being the ability to write new blog posts (and manage old ones) on the go.  I’m writing this post on my iPad. I can’t pretend it’s been easy, wordpress has made some aspects of development […]

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2nd January 2014

Happy New Year

Well its been over a week since christmas and as always I’ve been busy doing loads of things. I’ve taken a little break from the web design over christmas and Battlefield 4 has commanded most of my attention for the festive period. I somehow managed to remain healthy enough celebrate new years with friends, despite […]

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25th December 2013

Christmas done for another year

So Christmas has come and gone for another year(ok not quite gone yet) and I’ve come to the striking revelation – that I’m well on my way towards getting one present for christmas (and thats socks). Yup the presents are getting smaller and fewer of them. Gone are the days where you could barely see […]

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19th December 2013

Christmas is coming!

Well its only 5 days till christmas (eve) and the shops are busy as usual. The weather is miserable and wet – No ‘worst winter for decades!!’ like the media suggested. I’m in the south of Britain and we haven’t seen a single flake, although we have seen a fair amount of rain as the result of Storm […]

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14th December 2013

Gossip travels quickly

On wednesday I went out to one the clubs in Bournemouth, it was one of the girls I work with birthday. We had a massive group going (15 to 20 people) and it was a good night. As part of my Dave the Rave alter ego which comes out when I go out on the […]

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10th December 2013

Its been a little while

So its been a little while since my last blog post. I’ve been really busy setting up new projects working with new clients on two different websites (details to follow shortly). These are fantastic opportunities to use what I have learned to benefit other people and their business’. So thats really cool. Not only that, […]

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1st December 2013

Where has the year gone?!

Well today is the first of December. 23 days till christmas! 30 days till 2014! So I’m left wondering whats happened to 2013. Its gone really quickly and it only seems a few days ago that I was starting my first night course at AUB back in January. So this leads me to asking What […]

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25th November 2013

Xbox One – The 48hour review

So I’ve had my Xbox one a little over 48 hours now and it has been a great 48 hours. In this review I’m going to talk about the good and bad things that I’ve discovered with my Xbox one. I hope you find it informative. First Impressions First impressions were really good. Yeah it’s […]

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22nd November 2013

The Next Generation

The Xbox One was released at midnight. I can finally throw away my Xbox 360 which is on the verge of death. I brought my 360 6 years ago and it’s one of the first generations (with no HDMI support). Since then its been well used – seen 3 Call of Duty’s (I didn’t buy […]

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13th November 2013

Born to Code

So I was reading my net(formerly .net) magazine on the bus home, about the stereotypes that surround programmers (page 29) and I found myself actually aligning myself to these stereotypes. A great programmer likes alot of time alone and freedom from distractions, so they prefer to work at night. They are extremely rational and brilliant […]

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9th November 2013

Pennies for peanuts

Well its been a while since I last wrote a blog post, not that I haven’t been meaning to, I’ve just been a bit busy. So I’ve been editing the site backstage – doing abit of refactoring, which makes the site use more php to make it easer to expand. You won’t notice any changes […]

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1st November 2013

The day after the night before – Halloween

Well its the morning after Halloween and I feel like the character I was dressing up as – a Zombie. I don’t think its a hangover, probably more likely to be due to a lack of sleep. It was however, a disappointing night. Despite putting up posters around work(the non web kind) the turnout was […]

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24th October 2013

Canvas Conference 2013

Right, Today I want to talk about conferences. I’ve been to a few recently and I think they are a fantastic way to meet people within the web design/dev community. You get to chat about what your doing and find out what others are working on. Not only that but you get a set of […]

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17th October 2013

Personal Branding

So over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out what my personal branding for this site is. My initial ideas were to have some kind of brain, as if the primary purpose of this site was to get into my head. So I have developed a few idea’s along this theme, […]

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15th October 2013

Hello, world! Welcome to DavidEndersby.me

So I’ve decided to start up my own personal site to run alongside Nothing-Nowhere.co.uk. This gives me the opportunity to play with web tech without harming my brand image. It also allows me to develop a personal portfolio for ‘stuff’ without the need of a parent project. I’ve also decided that instead of building the whole […]

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